Not Quite Christian Enough

Published on 16 October 2023 at 09:40

I’ve been on the search for Christian audiobooks that are less white, countr, or western. I figured there has to be a corner of the market that provides something different. I went to audible and search for “African American Christian Romance”. My hope was to find something contemporary that would speak to me,


Personally, I was in between credits so I was looking for something inc,used in my membership. In hindsight, this was my first mistake. I did find a title that I as excited to read.


I didn’t make it 2 minutes into the title. The amount of explicit, vulgar sexy talk at the beginning killed it for me. Yes,this book may have been. Christian. Yes, it likely would have gotten better, but I for one, who has repented of erotic, explicit romance books couldn’t tolerate it.


And no I not going to say which book it was.


In my own book, Love at Sukkot, I wrote a scene where Issa and Dominick were on the edge of sexual intercourse. I wanted to display that fact that believer deal with temptation even in Yah ordained unions. What I worked to no do was write this scene in a way to cause lust in my readers. The author of the book I tried used very explicit and detailed language that I couldn’t stomach.


I’ve read other Christian titles that had sexual interactions. It was clear what was happening in the story, but it was written with a delicate, spiritual hand as to guard the spirits of readers.


I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to read this book. I was even more excited to read it because it was chalky narrated by two of my favorite black narrators. I’m not going to be discouraged by it. I, going to go out and continue to look for black, Christian contemporary audiobooks. Not only that, but I’m creating space for black authors to write Christian romance in a way that glorifies Yaha d providing them unique access to getting their books on audio.


Love at Sukkot will be out in audio early December.


I’m committed to impacting and shifting the Christian audiobook market. I speak now that each of SAR’s releases will be available in audio. If you’re interested in being apart of this work, apart of this company, contact is today for information on joining the first writing cohort.

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