Introducing the Staff: CEO

Published on 21 October 2023 at 11:40

In the place where my heart is the happiest…


Valencia Lloyd is the Founder and CEO of Subflowers and Romance Publishing. Valencia, a young, black, visionary Israelite fell in love with literature at 12 years old. She never imagined to found and operate a publication company, however in 2021 the Yah of Israel whispered the name Subflowrrs and Romance Publishing in her mind. She never thought much of it until she was awakened to the truth of Torah. There was no literature available to those seeking the truth. The Christian literature market is very Orthadox, very cookie cutter, and very, very white. She wanted to change that. As the Chief Operating Officer of SAR Publishing, she is committed to publishing authentic stories that are fun, exciting, black, and Torah an observant.


To build a library worthy of the New Jerusalem…


Sunflowers and Romance is a Torah Observant Christian book publisher offering titles in Christian romance, dystopia, fantasy, and sci-if. SAR is a black, woman owned company committed to sharing authentic tales of imperfect people seeking the face of a perfect Yah through love, battles, and adventures in out of this world places. We take books from the planning stage to the tang live stage in ways that blows the minds of readers while glorifying the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

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