The Masterpiece Review

Published on 9 October 2023 at 07:23

The Masterpiece x Francine, Rivers


Publisher: Tyndale House Publisher

Publish Date: February 6, 2018

Page Count: 512 pages

Listening Length: 15 hours 54 minutes

Narrators: Susan Bennett

Format: Audibook

Roman is a popular artist with a secret life. He was raised in the hood of LA with a prostitute for a mother. His heart is so hard and he resists the idea of love and of Yah. Especially love from Yah. Until…


Grace is a new mom. She’s struggling to make a life for her infant son to keep him out of the hands of the family wanting to adopt him. She has faith, but still Carrie’s the shame of her past sins. Can Yah still love her with all that she’s done? Can he send her a love and a father for her son?


This book is the first Christian romance I’ve enjoyed in a very long time. The Xheistian Romance selection available on audible is very white. Very small town country. Very 18-19th century white American. Even though the characters in this story are still quite, white, their deeper skin tone, gang affiliation, and somewhat rpugh speech made this story much more enjoyable.


I loved experiencing Roman’s awakening.  Not everyone is Christian fiction is a believer or has a background in faith. I loved watching his journey and how Yah had to break him down and show Roman his love in a wild way. To see him at the end being a minister and a tool for Yah’s will was refreshing.



The romance in the story was just as realistic as the story of salvation. Separation before marriage is a deeply biblical concept. Jacob was separated from Rachel for 14 years. Messiah Yahusha is currently separated from his bride. Biblically a man and woman are supposed to be separated as they are each prepared for their union and I loved seeing that in. This story.


Roman and Grace had to battle lust and temptation which adds to the authenticity. It’s paints a picture of what it looks like to walk with Yah. Even when it’s a marriage he has ordained, we must still be obedient and resist lust until married. This is a picture I’m very passionate about. I address this in my own book, Love at Sukkot. Believers need to be encouraged to fight lust for the sake of their marriages.


I loved that Grace had a circle of spiritual friends. Each with their own struggles and pasts. I was invested in their stories and would have loved to have spin offs for each of them. I even believe that one of the friends is likely African American, she was from Oakland, CA. She wasn’t described well in the story so I’m unclear on this. However, her way of being screamed “black”.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This is one of the very few Christian Romance audiobooks that I’ve enjoyed enough to reread over the last year.


Do you have Christian romance audiobook recommendations? Drop them below so I can check them out?

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