Making Waves

Published on 8 October 2023 at 05:03

You know, I prayed that the Most High Yah would bless my book Love at Sukkot. I just don’t think it would look like this.


Over the last week since LAS released; it has risen in rank to be #2 in African American Romance and #6 in Clean & Wholesome Romance.


I keep saying this but I mean it with my whole being. I. Am. Grateful.


It’s been my dream for 2 years to have a book that will affect lives. Mainly my life, but to know LAS is getting in the hands of people with the potential to change more lives.


I wait eagerly to begin getting reviews on my work. The goal is to continue writing, continue growing, and continue making waves. As I sit down to pen book 1 of the Holy Days series, I’m excited to make this a lifestyle for myself.


I have 5 stories on my heart to own. Maybe one day I’ll be one of those author publishing a new book every month, but for now I want to write quality black, Torah Observant novels that will make waves in this world.


Shalom & Blessings

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