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Published on 17 February 2024 at 12:34

Audiobook Space

Christian audiobook space


I’m an avid reader. I have been for years. When I fully surrendered my life to Yah, I had to also surrender my taste in literature. That meant no more erotic romance. For many months, that meant I didn’t read at all because erotic romance was all I knew.


After a few months to reset my thinking, Yah allowed me to return to reading, however, this time I could only read Christian romance. Due to my disability, I can o fiction and nly access audiobooks reliably. Which leads to a few concerning issues.


Popular audiobook providers do not create space for relevant Christian titles.


The platform allows you to search related content for a given title. It goes so far as to allow you to search for titles under the umbrella  of “heart felt”, “exciting”, or “touching”. So why does it not provide a space or deletion for Christian titles?


The search function for Christian titles is so bad that searching the key term “Christian romance” or “black Christian romance” populates titles narrated or authored by anyone named Christian as well as some titles in the Christian genre. This has made finding titles in my genre of choice excruciating.


And let’s not even get into the lack of representation. For some reason, the majority of Christian fiction audiobooks on offer are some combination of white, small town, country, western, or 1800s immigration. While I’ve found a few titles to listen to, none were truly worthy of a repeat listen. And most importantly, they do not reflect me or my weak as a Torah Observant Christian.


This is a major concern for me because faith comes by hearing. It’s so very important for believers to be able to listen to authentic stories of what it feels like, sounds like, and looks like to live in covenant. This is one of the core tenants of SAR Publishing. This is why I’m glad to announce that Love at Sumkot, our premier book title, is now available on audio. It can be found on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Narrated by two black actors, this audio production is an absolute joy for me to share.


Please take the time to download and read it. Leave your review! We desire to continually better our catalog for the edification of the kingdom.



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