Clean vs Christian

Published on 10 February 2024 at 07:30

Romance is a vast umbrella. All true readers know this. Sometimes it’s easy to find the right fit for you when seeking out titles. However for those who choose the narrow path, this can be much more difficult. Let’s break down two genres of romance to determine which is the best fit for the narrow path.


Clean or wholesome romance is a comfortable genre for those in the narrow path. These books often exclude erotic sex scenes, violence, and graphic language. This genre is a happy, safe space for those who love romance and want to ensure that what they are reading is pleasing to the Most High Yah. But is it really?


A Christian romance is quite similar to a clean romance. These books steer away from erotic sex scenes, overt violence, and graphic language. Where these two roads part ways is in Messianic representation. Christian romances will often include practices such as church attendance, prayer, and religious holiday observance. The common name for the Messiah is proudly and often used in these stories. They are often journeys of discovery, repentance, and true biblical love.


Often times people steer away from these strong religious themes which can be understandable. People dot love the overly churchy vibe. I think it’s important to understand that every part of our lives is to be submitted unto Yah, even our reading lists. While I too sometimes end up in the clean romance genre for the sake of keeping my ear gate clean, I long for tales that resemble my walk, my culture, and where I want to go. To be honest, I also find myself not enjoying the Christian romance books either. Not for their lack of sex or violence, but because of the classic Christian paganism and lawlessness that they include. One of the major pushes for SAR Publishing is to present engaging, well written literature that honors Yah and isn’t lawless.


It’s difficult to write in a sub-genre of a sub-genre. Torah Observance isn’t as popular or accepted as Amish literature. What we do here isn’t easy. But it is honorable and Yah will exalt this work. It may be hard to connect with the Christian fiction you’ve encountered so far. My prayer is that you are able to connect deeply with our catalog and that it fuels your faith walk.



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