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Published on 1 October 2023 at 20:41

This season. This place, this moment in my life is so momentous. I never imagined that I would be in this place. Well no. That’s a lie. I imagined I would be here. I just can’t believe that here is well here.

I learned several years ago not to share the vision Yah has given me. This lesson has been perfected in this season. I’ve tiptoed on secret to get to this place. I’ve shared a few crumbs here and there to frosted individuals, but I’ve had to carry the burden of the moment alone guided and strengthened by the Spirit of the Almighty .

I did that once before. Shared too much of the vision before it’s time to the wrong person. Circa 2018, I planned to release a travel subscription box much like this only to have the idea stolen and utilized by a creator I shared the vision with.

You live. You learn.

I harbor no hard feelings towards that person and I desire the absolute best for them and their business. In that experience. I learned the lesson that Joseph did not. Not everyone is equipped, anointed, or wise enough to know the vision of Yah concerning me. Concerning you. In my exuberance, I often desire to share the nitty gritty details with anyone who will hear. Abba Yahuah allowed me to be wounded so I would learn to shut up.

Tell me how you really feel Abba! Lol.

But here is the thing. what is Yah ordained. What has been anointed by His hand. What has been spoken from his lips can NOT be stolen or stopped (unless you curse yourself). And He will make it good.

“God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”


Numbers 23:19


Good is a characteristic that belongs only to Yah according to what Messiah teaches on Mark 10:18. However. It is this very characteristic that is ascribed to what has promised to do concerning you. It. Will. Be. Made. Good. This is the reality that has awes me since the beginning of July 2022 when Yah made it clear that THIS book would be publishers. That THIS book is the one that will be used for his glory. That THIS book will be released in this way. And that it will be blessed.

Little did I know but that experience laid the ground work for one of the most public and anointed moments in my life. This moment. This gift. As is sung in my all time favorite musical.


I give you, the Limited Edition Book Box of my first ever release. Love at Sukkot. Only 30 boxes are available at this time to the public. The box has been specially curated to for Love at Sukkot. It is fully packed with amazing goodies such as/


A Scents of Sukkot candle

Myrtle Bath Bomb

Myrtle Whipped Body Butter

Spiritual Walk Companion Journal

Not to mention a signed copy of my book!


Please check out my first ever book release Love at Sukkot, an African American Christian romance available September 17,2023 on every platform that sales books.


Shalom and Blessings

Limited Time Only

Limited Edition LAS Gift Box Set

Limited Time Only

Limited Edition LAS Gift Box Set


Experience Love at Sukkot with all of your senses. Curated by the author, the limited edition book box is a luxury item to help you enjoy reading Love at Sukkot.

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