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Published on 3 June 2024 at 23:58

I knew this wouldn’t last in August.


Sadly, this isn’t the opening line to my lastest release. It’s the story of my life.


I went back into the classroom because Yah sent. In that he blessed me. He kept me. He answered so many prayers. And are opened my eyes.


He allowed me to see what it is that I rally want to spend my days do. It’s funny becasue I thought I knew at 18, but I was positive of it at 25. At 18, I wanted to be a psychologist. I wanted to counsel couples and families in the way of Yah. At 25, I was convinced that I actually wanted to be an editor. I just knew that I wanted to spend my days immersed in all kinds of books, helping authors fine tune their craft and release chart toppers.


Yah is so funny,


Because at 29, He is releasing me to do both.


See in August, I finally understood that my heart was in my ministry. See, people have such a black a white view of ministry. It’s all pulpits and hospital beds, choir practice and white uniforms. Nah. My Abba made the universe. He taught me that my ministry was everything He had given my hands to do. Every field where he planted me. Every soul that I touched.


He told me back in 2016, sitting an the bed, alone in my apartment as I cried about being responsible for the educational projection of 30 second-graders, “How much harder will it be being responsible for people’s souks,”


Sheesh. If I only knew.


If I only knew that this work would fill me up. If I inky knew the lives I would effect. If I only knew how broad and wide my woe would reach. If I only knew that 18-year-old me AND 25-year-old me knew my purpose. If I only knew how Abba would work things out for me.


I’m so grateful.


As I close the door on the last classroom outside of my own home, I’m grateful to have been chosen to do this work for over 7 years. I’ve grateful for every child an parent, even the difficult ones. I’m grateful to have left my mark in a way that makes sense.


Because this next mark will blow your minds. It’s blowing mine already.


I love this life. I love this walk. I love this Elohim. He’s so good to little old me. The Simon in the bunch. The one overlooked.the one no one checked on. The one left on the shelf. Because everyone can see now.


Today,I put my hands to the plow of a field made just for me. And I can’t believe it.


I will be working full time as an author an publisher of my company Sunflowers and Romance Publishing.

As well  birthing people into marriage, discleship, and ministry through my company Spiritual Midwifery.


All praises to the Most High Yah.

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