Shavuot Workbook

The workbook includes:

This workbook is designed to develop a deep spiritual understanding of the Feast of Weeks. This workbook is a companion tool for the Shavuot Advent Calendar.

This product is designed by a classically and spiritually trained elementary teacher. This workbook is excellent for teaching children 9+ years old. The reading level of this product is designed for 3rd grade and above. Younger children can be guided through the learning process. I recommend only doing the Deeo Dive, Inquiry, and Activity sections of the workbook for younger readers. Children in elementary and middle may not be able to access the Reflection section of each lesson. High school and college aged individuals should be challenged with completing the full lesson.

This workbook is also designed to deeply engage the minds and spirits of adult consumers. Whether you are new to keeping the feast or experienced in the celebration, this workbook will both challenge and channel your mind and spirit.

You can invest in the workbook alone, but it is designed to go with the Shavuot Advent Calendar. The advent calendar comes with 1 workbook. You can add as many copies of this workbook to your advent calendar order to meet your family’s needs.

🌾7 weeks of lessons
🌾Themed Bible Study
🌾3 unique activity pages for all ages
🌾An answer key
🌾Digital resources
🌾Information on joining a FREE Shabbat class during Feast of Weeks 2024.

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